5. trip last saturday was just awesome

  6. "Everything in Death Valley is good" -Penny Boston and I coincidentally voiced this very true statement at the same time. Well, I might also argue that "everything in Craters of the Moon is good!"

    Here are a few snaps of some surface features, landscape shots, and a stalactite shot from Craters. Fantastic place!

  7. These photos here were taken in Beauty Cave in Craters of the Moon. This cave is part of the “caves trail” which is not wild and not far from the visitors center. These photographs were captured with the help of Penelope Boston, Jesse Barden, and James Green.

  8. Thanks to Steve Frye and the Silver Sage Grotto I had the unique opportunity to explore Dean’s Hole. This cave is not a lava tube; it is a rift cave in the most southern part of Craters of the Moon. Included in these photographs are Eddy Cartaya, Barb Williams, Jesse Barden, and some members of the Silver Sage Grotto.

  9. Here are a couple photographs from the International Workshop on Ice Caves. These snaps are from Crystal Falls Ice Cave in Idaho. Included in these photographs are Kara Michaelson, Brent McGregor , Eddy Cartaya, Jesse Barden, and Zoltán Kern. Had we not started to melt the beautiful hoar ice formations with our humanly presence I would have taken a LOT more photographs.

  10. Lava Tubes do indeed have plenty of color. These photographs were taken late at night with lots of help Sarah Coderre, Arhlin Bauman, and Oscar Bauman in the lovely land of Trout Lake, Washington.